Sunday, 13 February 2011

Goodbye & Hello

As I feel I am finally emerging from the 'mother to a newborn' fog I thought it was time to put pen to paper as it were and bring you up to date with all that has been happening here at geriatric towers.

First the very sad news that my much loved father passed away on 08 Jan 2011, aged just 64.  As many of you will be aware he was diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia early in 2009 and he has now been released from his suffering, as have we, his family.  Unlike any of the more common dementias his was particularly cruel and to watch his rapid deterioration was torturous.  I always feared that there may have been an element of 'locked-in syndrome' to his disease, or that at the very least he may have had an awareness of the situation he found himself in. Knowing that he has now been released from his suffering and is resting in peace has come as something of a relief.  But still, I miss him terribly.

April 2010

On a lighter note, 17 January 2011 saw the safe arrival of my much longed for 2nd son, who shall be known here as Baby Moonbeam.  He was born at 9.07am weighing 8lb 7oz and has been the most chilled out chap ever since.  As his grandad used to say to his brother 'we don't do crying in this house' and both he and his brother took heed. The midwives at the hospital would all comment on how contented he was and I'm pleased to say his impeccable behaviour has continued.  Just need to drop the night feeds and he'll be the perfect baby ;-)   His brother adores him and takes every opportunity to cuddle him, stroke him, hold his hand and always tells him that he loves him when he says goodnight.  I have been truly blessed.

Looking very serious, 7hrs old

I'm sure you can imagine that this last few weeks has felt like quite a watershed in the life of Geriatric Mummy, and as such I have decided it is time to move on.  New leaf, clean sheet, call it what you will but it is time to say goodbye to Geriatric Mummy and hello to The Apprentice Housewife.

I hope you will join me in my lighter, brighter musings on my journey in search of domestic bliss.