Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The 'Smiling' 17 Weeks Foetus...and other news

OK, so I know I said I'd be back soon, and that was over 3 months ago but hey I'm here now ;-)

First of all, I feel I should explain that the main reason for my absence all these weeks has been due to the fact that this has not been an easy pregnancy.  I felt continually and horribly nauseous and was regularly sick for the first 14 weeks.  At 12 weeks an amniotic band was discovered, which had to be checked again at 17 weeks to ensure the baby wasn't getting tangled in it.  At 17 weeks I was also sent to A&E by my GP due to my extreme shortness of breath.  Thankfully nothing serious was found to be wrong, but the down side of this was that there was no treatment I could be given. Then at 20 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  This was not a total surprise as I also had this when expecting Star but this time I was diagnosed much earlier, and it was much more severe requiring me to take insulin injections 3 times a day as well as take great care over my diet.  Oh and throughout all this I have been so tired, I think exhausted is a better explanation.  But despite all this I am now almost 27 weeks and the baby at least is doing well.

In fact, he has been doing well throughout.  You may have seen articles in The Sunday Times and Daily Mail a few weeks ago about the 17 week old 'smiling' foetus, the youngest ever recorded.  Well, that 'foetus' is in my tummy...

As you can see, he appears to be quite enjoying life!  It has reignited the debate about the 24 week abortion law, and, smiling or not, I personally don't know how anyone could even consider it at 17 weeks, let alone 24.  Health issues aside I have to wonder how long some people need to know whether having a baby is something they want to do ?

Anyhoo, I will endeavour to post again before another 3 months has elapsed.  I am tempted to ring the changes a little with the content, posting what I want to post about rather than being concerned that I post content relevant to my readers.  So look out for recipes, comment on current affairs, recommendations, and generally anything at all that I find interesting.  Hopefully you will too :-)