Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Gallery - White

This is my first entry, and I'm fighting against feeling intimidated as I am no photographer, but what the hell.  I think this one is rather good.  And yes I know it's not about the quality of the photo, but it's the perfectionist in me...

I think it's fairly self explanatory why I chose white so I won't waffle on about that but some context for you...

This is a zoomed in view from the back of my house/garden.  We are very lucky to have quite a large garden with agricultural style fencing around it.  Beyond the fencing is a 'set aside' field which means that it is not actively farmed in any way, no livestock, no crops, and it can only be mowed once a year in August.  At the far end of the field is this house.  I took the photo in January this year leaning over the fence at the bottom of our garden.  I love this view in all seasons.  I think it is a lovely house, architecturally, and I like the way it nestles amongst the trees.  Of course the trees, and the foreground look very different through the seasons which keeps it interesting. 

I see this view (although more distant) from  my kitchen window, and every time I look at it, it soothes my soul :o)