Saturday, 21 November 2009

10 things you didn't know about me(me)

Well here it is, in all it's glory.  The award I received yesterday from the marvellous madhouse  Never thought I would feel so proud of receiving an 'honest scrap' award. Hmmm, cue drawn out period of self analysis...

Anyway, following on from my post yesterday I vowed to return with the 10 interesting (?) facts you didn't know about me.  And most surprisingly, here I am.  Two posts on successive new found dedication astounds me.

So, here are 10 things that most people reading this won't know. (I just can't think of 10 things nobody would know).  Here we go...

1.  I received 5 genuine proposals of marriage before meeting my now husband (The Daddy) aged 33.
2.  I never wanted children.  At all.  Now I have one, I adore him and would lay down my life for him without hesitation, but still don't adore being a mother.  At all.
3.  I have had two very different careers before becoming a SAHM.  I was in financial services (last stop a 'Location Manager' for Zurich) and then became a Holistic Therapist...aromatherapy, reflexology, indian head massage, nutrition, reiki...
4.  I have a tattoo of a pheonix on my right hip which was chosen by The Daddy and me one valentines day.  It is gorgeous and I love it.
5.   During the Holistic Therapist period of my life I volunteered at my local hospice offering complementary therapies to the patients.  It was the most life affirming thing I have ever done.
6.  My mother seriously thought I was a lesbian as I had moved on, yet again, from the latest of a string of long term relationships at the age of 33.  I was virtually disowned for 6 mths as a result.
7.  I have OCD tendancies.  For example, I can only use a mug with chickens on it at breakfast time.  To use it at any other time of the day would offend my sensibilities.
8.  My favourite drink is tea.  Earl Grey tea with milk to be precise and I would choose it in preference to any beverage, including alcohol.  Tea is more than a drink you see, more like a hug in a mug.  But not the chicken mug unless it is before 10am.
9.  I don't like films.  I either find them too boring or too stressful.  Having said that, if I must watch a film it needs to be either a la 'Bridget Jones' or 'Hannibal' and nothing in between.
10.  Boredom is something I suffer from greatly.  'I'm bored' was my most common complaint as a child, and it has been a life long curse ever since.  It drove my relentless ambition whilst I was a corporate soul, it drove my pursuit of domestic bliss in my adult relationships and I fear it now drives my lack of enthusiasm for my current role.  I think I will leave it there as this could turn into a whole post of it's own.

Phew.  Now, I don't know if I'm also supposed to pass on the award to 10 other blogs but I guess if I am someone will shout at tell me...



  1. he he he - you can pass it on to 10 blogs if you wish.

  2. 5 wedding proposals!!! Wow, hat off to you! :)
    Thank you for following my blog BTW, I love meeting new bloggers!

  3. 5? i haven't had 1! now i feel cheated! lol

  4. Now feeling ever so slightly embarrassed that the wedding proposals thing is the only point to generate any comments! I wasn't meaning to boast - I only put it in as it's the only out of the ordinary thing I could think of that wasn't slightly depressing ! x

  5. 5? i haven't had 1! now i feel cheated! lol