Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Do I need a note for absence ?

What can I say, I had hardly begun and I went AWOL.  Well I do apologise for my flakiness (?) but feel the need to provide some explanation.

Last week, as many of you know, was half term so as well as Star I also had my 11yr old step son and adorable 12 and 9 yr old nephews to entertain/supervise.  Oh and the dogs of course.  So it was a very full on week.  Does this sound convincing ?  Well it is true but only half the story.  You see I have inexplicably become addicted to two games on Facebook - Farmville and Cafeworld.  I have never been interested in computer games of any kind, not ever.  So why this, and why now ?  Is it pure escapism ?  Is it some kind of outlet for my now redundant business brain ?  Or is it simply, unfathomably addictive ?

I don't have the answers but would be interested to hear any theories...

I would like to say that I have kicked the habit, but this is not so.  I have however decided to be less intense about it - slower growing crops for example for those of you that share this guilty pleasure.  In it's place I will return to my blog.  I have had a thought about a series of posts I would like to do...

It was Star's 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago and it took me back to my days of trying to conceive, and being pregnant. It was not a straightforward process and over this period I read lots and learned loads.  Much of what I learned was not common knowledge or even an orthodox view but I believe that Star's arrival when I was aged 39 was testament to the validity of my findings.

At the time I found it hugely frustrating that I couldn't share the knowledge I had gained but decided that I could rectify this when I returned to work (as a holistic therapist).  Well I'm still waiting for that to happen due to a lack of childcare and/or useable treatment room and/or energy and/or inititative.

So I have decided that I will do it here.  I may not have many followers (yet) but hopefully if I post about something that people find interesting and relevant the people that need to know will find me  ...


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  1. I am glad you had a good halfterm, the weather was fab