Friday, 6 November 2009

The Torture of Self Inflicted Sleep Deprivation

When I say self inflicted, I don't think I'm totally to blame.  It's a joint effort between Star and myself.  I know compared to many, and one in particular that will be reading this ;-), I have a luxurious existence having an average of 7-8 hours sleep a night.  But you see, that's just not enough for me.  I shall explain...

Apparently I have always liked my sleep.  Legend has it that there was concern that I would not manage at school without a day sleep.  And in my adult years, before Star, I would always sleep for exactly 10 hours on days that I wasn't woken by an alarm clock.  On these 'alarming' days I would invariably fall asleep on the sofa after dinner to reclaim any shortfall.

One of my many reasons for deciding that I would never have children (Ha!) was that I knew that family life and my need for, and love of, sleep was not compatible.  And other than the thrice daily angst and stress surrounding Star's meal times ('he must eat lots of very healthy food' versus 'I must not give him food hangups' - but there's a whole other post there !) sleep, or lack of it, has been my biggest challenge.

But here is the irony.  If I were to go to bed at say 10pm I could get my 10 hours.  But I don't.  Going to bed at 10pm just doesn't suit my bodyclock, or The Daddy's, so I 'start' going to bed at about 11, fiddle about for 20 mins, then  read and finally attempt sleep around midnight.  Now I know that I am very lucky in that my little Star doesn't wake up until 7.30/8.00.  But it still means that I feel dog tired the next day...until 10pm when I feel wide awake - Doh !

After months of trying to resolve this, unsuccessfully, I have in recent weeks taken to having a nap myself in the day.  When Star goes for his morning, or afternoon, nap (he likes his sleep too - that's my boy :-)) I do the same.  I may only have an hour but it is marvellous.  It stops me feeling like death, and gives me the energy to get through the day in good humour.

So I have found a solutions of sorts, but would dearly love to change my internal clock so that I was ready to sleep at 10pm or even 9 !!!  I have run out of ideas as to how to achieve this other than resorting to alcohol which is not something I do.  Any ideas...anyone...please...

PS  Previously mentioned series of posts on pregnancy et al temporarily postponed due to bad cold and resulting lack of enthusiasm for anything requiring concentration...



  1. Ah the sleep thing. I go insane without 8 hours sleep and wish I could nap in the daytime, but also not for me. I have a body clock as you know and that helps with going off when my insomnia kicks in (I plug in my headphones and do the mediation bit and am asleep my the end. Also have you tried any herbal remedies??? Once your circadian rhythm is altered it should be OK

  2. Have always been a night owl and since the kids have turned up, got used to surviving on 5 hours max. When I say get used, I obviously mean retain the ability to walk and grunt. The idea of 10 hours sleep has filled my eyes with tears of longing. Sorry I have been of no help whatsoever.

  3. I hope and suspect that this is something that my internal clock will fight against until it loses the will to live and succumbs. The thought of having to survive on 5 hours fills me with horror...I just couldn't do big respect to both of you who I know, at least on occasion, do.

  4. I think you get used to less sleep as time goes on... Believe me, there were days (long, long ago) when I hardly got out of be at all (but that's another story!). Naps are the way forward!

  5. I hope you're right, but in the meantime naps are indeed the way forward...zzz

  6. Hello Mrs, hope you are well, award and meme for you over at mine!

  7. Hello Mrs, hope you are well, award and meme for you over at mine!