Friday, 11 December 2009

What does your blog do for you ?

I have just read a blog post over at Rosie Scribbles and rather than hijack her comments with an essay all of my own I thought I would do my own post, with my take on the subject.

So what does my blog do for me ? And do I write for me or for my readers ? For some it's a place to banter, for some an outlet for creative writing, for others an opportunity to entertain. There are so many motives for blogging and whilst most lean towards a particular style, all are varied to some extent.  

I do some very personal and serious posts but this is because the primary reason for my blogging is to stay sane, to vent my frustrations, my worries, my angst. In the real world I am a very private person and don't talk about how I feel. I know this is not good for my emotional and mental wellbeing, so I do it on here, where I am largely anonymous. And I do find it cathartic.  

I also like to use my blog to 'spread the word' about holistic health and wellbeing. As this was my line of work I find it hugely frustrating that I have built up a wealth of knowledge that can really help people but currently have no means of sharing it. I will do posts that I know many of my readers won't be particularly interested in, but if it helps one person, then it has been worth it.

So, overall it seems that my blog expresses the things I can't in the real world. This is what gives me the motivation to post. It also explains why my blog has little, if any, comedic value. The Daddy and I barely have a serious conversation. Our communication laregly involves funny voices and larking around interspersed with practising our Strictly Come Dancing routines around the kitchen (neither of us can dance!).

Whilst you ponder what your blog does for you I'm off to practise my Argentine Tango with the Gaucho in my kitchen...



  1. I haven't been doing mine for long, but like you I am a private person and not one to show my emotions, so my blog gives me a place to do this. I can have a rant if I need to and share what I've been up to. I write whatever I feel like really.

    I think youtube footage of your Tango is required!

  2. Thanks for writing this. I've found it really interesting to hear why people blog. The general consensus from the many comments I've received is that we all blog for different reasons, which probably explains why there are so many different types and styles of blogs. It means there is something for everything which has to be a good thing. Like you, I'm writing for me and I do use my blog to express myself. I find it a useful outlet despite being quite a private person.

  3. I initially started my blog because I like writing and I wanted a record a vaguely humorous account of our time in Spain. I didn't realise the blogging world was so big!

    The day I started I also found out I was pregnant so it was also a record of that, sadly things didn't work out but because I'd told the blogosphere I was pregnant I then had to tell them I wasn't and then why I wasn't. Not very funny!

    Now I try to write what I want, when I want. Some serious posts and some that attempt at humour.

    I'm not sure I buy into blog ettiquette, I dance to my own tune, if people like what I write brilliant, if they don't then they can go and read something else. I won't change to suit other people, it defeats the object of writing a blog in the first place.

  4. Hi there i've just found your blog and i am looking forward to reading your future posts. I blog for the same reason, to keep sane, to rant, to celebrate things and to make things seem clearer in my head. I will look forward to getting to know you xx

  5. At the moment I do mine for the pure joy of writing. I could not, and had not, wrote a thing until I started mine in March. Now I just want to write and be read. Strange days indeed.

  6. I love the variety involved in blogging: getting other peoples' perspectives - short posts, long posts, funny and serious. It's a great mix!
    Anyway, just found your blog and it looks fab. See you again soon :o)

  7. I am not all that private, but weirdly felt rather exposed about starting a blog. It just felt so self indulgent, why would anyone care what I thought? But actually its not about that is it, it's about the catharsis and the space to just be yourself without kids, husband or anyone else. It think it's a really great thing. Will follow you with interest and would love to know more about your holistic therapies. x

  8. oh and by the way you are SO not geriatric!

  9. From one geriatric mummy to another (I was 39 also when I had my little one) I can relate! Blogging is a great way to express what's going on inside...I love it! Now following...Nic

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