Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year and all that...

Well, despite having managed a post for each of the first 11 days of December I have been absent ever since.  I went to stay with the folks in Devon for a week and when I got back xmas preparations were in full swing.  Then xmas happened (which was fab by the way) and here we are.  My first post since, and last of 2009.

I have read a few reviews of 2009 and am amazed and delighted at what many of you have managed to achieve.  I thought about doing my own, but, to be honest, 2009 has not been a great year for me.  As many of you will know I have not taken to motherhood all that well, and my first full year of being a mummy has been tough. I feel I'm still in mourning for my old life.  Add to this backdrop the fact that my lovely Dad was diagnosed with dementia aged just 62 and has declined rapidly, and aged 40 and needing fertility treatment to get pregnant, I suffered a miscarriage.  So, all in all I'll be glad to see the back of 2009.  I know 2010 will be tough Dad may well need residential care before the year is out and in January we resume the fertility treatment.  BUT, new year, clean slate, onwards and upwards we must go...

I have a number of new year resolutions, or goals as I prefer to call them.  Rather than just list them I have decided to do a post on each with my why's and how's.  Have you decided on yours ?  I'd love to hear about them...

In the meantime I wish you and yours a very happy new year and hope that 2010 brings health, wealth and happiness to all  xx



  1. Hope 2010 is better for you. I just posted my resolutions, whether I stick to them is another story! x

  2. So sorry to hear your lows of 2009, and hope this will be a much better one for you. My father in law has recently fallen into a state of severe Dementia, and I know how horrible it is to see a loved one become a different person, and have to be placed in a new environment. We have to hope that they are happy in their 'new' world, if you know what I mean. Often it is those of us looking in who suffer the pain. My father in law has been in a care home for a week and has never questioned it, which is both a relief and also heartbreaking.Be strong, take strength from the unconditional love you have from little Star. x