Wednesday, 17 February 2010

How Did I Get This Lucky? Part 2

A short while ago you may recall reading a post about how lucky I was to have such a marvellous husband.  You may also recall that I stated at the outset that I didn't generally consider myself a lucky person.  Today, or the last 24 hours, has been one of 'those days' and I am about to share it with you.  I will apologise in advance for the rather self pitying tone, but I am ill, so it's allowed :P
  • Star refused to eat his dinner last night and there were tears.  And they were not his.
  • On Thursday I was due to have someone come over and look after Star.  This is a paid arrangement so it's not someone 'doing me a favour'.  I had a text last night to say that she wouldn't be able to make it as she has a cold.  SO DO I.
  • I had a miserably poor nights sleep, and woke this morning feeling, well, rough.  Bad cold, sore throat, sore tonsils, weak and feeble. Getting the picture ?  I don't usually get ill, and can only remember one other similar occasion in the last 12 mths, but more of that later.
  • On the rare occasion that I do succumb to these types of bugs my usual strategy is to dose myself up to the max with cold care capsules so that I don't actually realise that I'm feeling under the weather, whilst taking mega doses of vitamin C to get myself better.  It works a treat.  However, this time I don't want to take said cold care capsules, just in case I may be pregnant.  I know that technically they are safe to take but I don't believe in taking anything when pregnant unless the ailment itself is likely to seriously damage me or the baby.  So I don't.  I have to rely on the vitmain c (yes it is safe in pregnancy), Manuka honey lozenges, and manuka and lemon in hot water.  Thank goodness for shrove tuesday.  I'm sure all this is doing a fantastic job of ensuring I get better quicker, but in the meantime I'm still feeling rank.
  • Star decides that he is going to make breakfast difficult.  I hate difficult mealtimes and find it the most difficult thing to deal with.  This is usually the only meal of the day that goes without a hitch.  We get through it successfully, eventually, but today of all days!
  • I go back to bed, having passed the parenting baton to The Daddy (note-first bit of good luck of the day) to sleep for as long as I am able. The Daddy will give Star his lunch and put him to bed if I'm still sleeping.  I am enjoying a lovely sleep, when stepson decides to slam his bedroom door.  Not in a 'I'm not very happy' kind of way, but a 'I can't be arsed to use the handle' kind of way.  The result is the same though as I am awake.  I make a concerted effort to go back to sleep, and am just getting to that lovely floaty, half conscious stage when stepson drops the toilet seat or lid down in the bathroom.  BANG.  Awake again.  This time I gave up, and got up.
  • Star's lunch is well under way, the bread machine has been put on and the kitchen tidied.  All good things, thanks got it.  I suggested that some KFC comfort food would be perfect for lunch and The Daddy went off to collect, whilst I put Star to bed.  KFC arrived and...oh, everything is in the bag...except mine.  I make do with a chicken leg and a hot wing. 
  • Meanwhile, our power goes off.  Thankfully it is only off for 15mins, but long enough to ruin the bread. 
  • I decide to do a blog post about my miserable day.  I go into Blogger, and start typing.  Blogger decides to apply the 'strike though' text to everything I type.  I try to remove it, but it won't let me.  I shut it down and go in again.  The same.  I open it in a different browser.  The same.  So, out of desperation I am doing this post in my posterous blog and hoping I can post it through to blogger from there.  We will see, but the way today is going I have a feeling this could be fraught with danger.
I think I'm feeling particularly miserable as the last time I felt ill like this I was pregnant and about to miscarry.  Can't help wondering if it's a sign that the same is about to happen ?

Oh, and I just read a blog post, which I'm sure you've all read, that says if you want to be a top blogger you shouldn't write posts that whinge and are miserable.  Well, I guess that means I'm out of the running for that particular mantle.  Still, my good luck charm will be home soon and things will be looking up.


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