Tuesday, 23 February 2010

So many awards, so little time...

I love getting blog awards. No really, I do. And I have been very fortunate of late to have been the very lucky recipient of more than a few.

 I will never be a 'top blogger' as you all know, as I bleat on about far too much misery for that. And I wouldn't say this blog is generally an uplifting read. Nor is it full of inspiring things to make and do, or pearls of wisdom, or funny stories. My writing style can best be described as waffling meandering, and is no doubt full of spelling and grammatical errors.  So why do I receive them ? I am truly mystified as I'm not sure I would read this drivel.  Whilst I'm sure there is an element of 'can I find a blog that hasn't already received this one' I hope that it is the honesty in what I write that brings people here.  I write about real life.  My real life, the good, the bad and the ugly.  No sugar coating.  With all this in mind perhaps you can appreciate why these awards mean so much to me.

Anyway...onto the business in hand.  First off The Sunshine Award.  What a lovely little award this is!  I love the picture don't you ?  Just what we need in these cold, damp, grey and miserable days.  A little bit of summer.

I was given this award by The Moiderer, Make Do Mum, Rosie Scribble, The Life Of Wendy Wife, and Very Bored In Catalunya.  Gosh!  Thank you :-)

I know that I'm supposed to pass this on but frankly it's been around for so long now that I'm sure everyone else has not only received it more than once, but has also already blogged about receiving it, so I think I've missed the boat on that one.

Now, you might be thinking that that is all.  But no.  I have another to share with you.

I received this from Nic over at Diary Of A Domestically Challenged Housewife.  This one comes with caveats ie recommending blogs, telling untold truths about yourself etc.  I think I've already mentioned a few of the blogs I read so you can all assume yourself to be lucky winners, and here are a few more...Chic Mamma, More Than Just a Mother, English Mum, Muddling Along Mummy, and TheMadHouse.

As for the untold truths, I don't have time for that particular part today, but suffice to say that I will do another post on some of the fabulous things I've done, places I've visited during my few years of 'living the dream'.  In the meantime you can hop over to this post and read up on some little known facts that I spilled back then.