Saturday, 13 February 2010

Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

Those of you brave enough to have read my last post will know that this last week has had it's trying moments.  But there have been some fab ones too which I thought I would share just to brighten the mood a little.

  • Star made some Valentine cookies and a card at nursery.  Well, when I say he made the cookies, I'm not sure that is entirely accurate.  What I can believe though is that he had a hand in (literally) applying the icing and the sprinkles.

  • I bought myself some new kitchen scales.  This purchase has brought me unimaginable pleasure.  I use my scales every day, as every day I bake a loaf of bread.  Needless to say this required the weighing of various ingredients, and water.  My old scales have had, for as long as I can remember, a button missing that meant every time I wanted to turn them on or zero them I had to find a pen or a pointy implement of some kind to poke in the hole that the missing button left behind.  Clearly this is not an arduous task, but it is annoying.  One day I decided that given that these scales are used everyday I could surely stretch to getting some new ones.  Well, let me tell you, these new scales have made me beam with delight every time I use them.  You see they not only work perfectly without poking, but they measure the water for my bread too.  When I come to add the water to my breadpan, I press a button to tell them to measure in ml and tip the water in until it gets to the required number.  How brilliant is that!
  • I got awarded the Sunshine Blog Award...twice!  Getting blog awards is not commonplace for me, so I am always bowled over to receive one, but to receive one twice in a couple of days - wow!  I know that I'm not a great writer, I know that my grammar and spelling is often not as it should be and that my blog can be rather, well, lets be honest, miserable at times.  When I get an award it tells me that someone out there actually likes to read my diatribes, and perhaps they even like an anonymous cyberspace kind of way.  And that makes me very happy.  I will do a proper Sunshine Blog Award post soon, but in the meantime, thanks everso The Moiderer and Make Do Mum
  • I got more flowers from The Daddy today.  Carnations and Lilies this time.  They are beautiful.
  • Last, but by no means least, today I received my Secret Post Club parcel.  It was from Is There A Plan B and I was thrilled.  I was thrilled to find it on my doormat, I was thrilled to read the enclosed postcard, and I was thrilled with the gift.  It was a set of kitchen cutters in various leaf shapes which are already well loved, and over time will be well used.  I had been feeling rather sorry for the people that get me to send to because I know I'm not easy.  I supplied quite an extensive list of likes and dislikes, and knew that I would have excluded some of the more obvious 'gifts for girls'.  But Plan B came up trumps, and with little time this month.  She also has really lovely handwriting and wrote me a super little postcard.  Thankyou Plan B, very much. 

Oh, before I sign off, one more thing that made me happy this week...I got to 50 followers.  50 I tell you!  How did I manage that ?



  1. Is this where I should post a comment? Doesn't look like Disqus? I was very happy with my sunshine award until I saw everyone else received 2. Supposed I am just being greedy

  2. Oh how exciting you got your present and isn't it great you will get lots of use from them when you start cooking with star. I am envious of the sames, that water bit will be really great when it comes to star measuring water.

    Well done on the awards, its because you write from the heart

  3. Hooray! They got there! I was a little nervous because I (bad girl) gave them to the postroom to post at work (I did give them the money too, just in case my boss is reading this), but I am rather pathetic and quite like actually watching things go in the post myself...

    Anyway, I am delighted you like them because i thought they were rather lovely and hopefully would get some use (I can see Star is a dab hand with the cookies already and I am looking forward to seeing some lovely green leaves on here in months to come).

    Thank you too for complimenting my handwriting - can't say I agree but it gave me a little glow anyway!

    Here's hoping this week is better than last ....