Friday, 5 February 2010

How Did I Get This Lucky ?

In the last 24 hours I have had cause to reflect on what a truly wonderful husband I have.  Generally I don't consider myself a 'lucky' person, but maybe I used up all the luck anyone can expect when I found The Daddy.  Here, in no particular order, are just a few of the reasons that I love him so...

  •  He makes me laugh like nobody else ever has, or ever will. 
  • We share what I'm sure is a unique sense of humour, enabling me to rediscover my inner child.
  • We share many values and beliefs.  Even on subjects that I'm sure most people don't even think about.
  • He is a wonderful provider.  Finanically, as a family we want for nothing.  Practically, if there is a problem he will find a solution.  Every time. With no fuss.
  • He looks after himself.  At 39 he is slim, toned, fit and stylish and works hard to stay that way.
  • He is domesticated.  He does most of the washing, all of the ironing and all housework over and above that which is done by the cleaner (whom he pays for).
  • He is very bright, both in an intellectual sense, and in his general disposition.
  • He is confident and charming.  After 3.5 years of marriage he still opens the car door for me to get in and I am always very proud to introduce him as my husband.  He is one of those rare individuals that can light up a room.
  • He understands me as well as I understand myself.
  • He is loving and affectionate, without losing his masculinity.
  • He is thoughtful.  He went to Sainsburys for me this morning and brought me back a beautiful bouquet of flowers - roses and lilles.  He said that he thought I might like them, and just in case I didn't he also brought me a bar of Fruit and Nut Toblerone.  You would think that was enough but he also brought home a new baking tray as he knew how frustrated I get with my current one sticking.  He was confident that one of his gifts would put a smile on my face.  As it happened I was happy with all three!

I could go on, but as usual there is too little time.  Star will be awake for his lunch shortly so to the kitchen I must go...counting my lucky stars ...


  1. Yep he is a one in a million, just like Drew. We are lucky, luky woman. If my boys tuen out like Drew I will be a very happy mummy indeed. The Daddy is a great role model for star.

  2. I loved reading this. We are so lucky, those of us who have found our special partner. Mine does not do half the stuff on the list you have there (and I REALLY wish he did) however, I love him just as much as you love yours because he's my best friend and we can laugh and cry together

  3. blimey! where the hell did you get him? are there more?

  4. What a lovely post and picture (you look very un-geriatric, you might have to change your blog name!)

  5. You look like a lovely couple, and I loved reading about his qualities and the fact that you appreciate that you have something special. I think you need to change your blog name too!!!

  6. What a super star! Still sending our vibes your way x

  7. Lovely post and a gorgeous photo x

  8. What a lovely husband you have. There is nothing like little gifts to make you happy. :0)

  9. He sounds lovely..mines a lovely too.

  10. He sounds lovely..mines a lovely too.