Friday, 8 January 2010

My Favourite Photo

Well, I still have a list of posts as long as my arm that due to snow I haven't succeeded in ticking off yet.  WHat has snow got to do with it I hear you ask.  Well The Daddy and my stepson have both been at home and have upset our routine, and with it went blogging time.  Anyway, they are out at the theatre this evening, Star is in bed, dinner is taken care of so I have time for a quick post.  And as it has to be quick it will be this one.  The photo meme.

I was very kindly tagged by the lovely MakeDoMum  and Kelly which was just as well as I'd been desperate to have a go at this one.  I had a particular photo in mind, knowing in an instant which one I should post, BUT as yet I have been unable to find it in digital form.  I know I have it on a disk somewhere but The Daddy has this really annoying habit of 'tidying up' and putting things away in the most unlikely places.  So, I will post it when I find it, but in the meantime I am posting my 2nd favourite photo, and here it is...

It's not very original, it's not very artistic, it's not funny or moving but it captures a special moment in time for me.  This is Star when he was about six hours old. I like it because he looks so peaceful.  I like it because he looks, and was, and still is, so very handsome.  I like the scale my mum's hand gives.  I like the way his hands are crossed and holding on to the blanket...I don't know why but I always think of angel wings.  I like it because it was taken at a time of immense happiness.  Star was born by elective section which went absolutely to plan and was fantastic from start to finish. He was perfect.  My family had just arrived following a 160 mile journey to come and see us at the first opportunity.  I was showing off my new born son to my family. It had been a long and arduous journey to get here.  I felt euphoric.

When, after bad day or night with Star, I question my decision to have a child, or whenever I question whether to go through it all again I look at this photo...and I remember why.

I'm not going to tag anyone in particular.  Many have done it already, and I don't want anyone to be left out, so if you haven't done this yet, and would like to, take this as a tag for you.



  1. This is lovely - he looks so tiny and perfect!
    Still curious as to what your other photo would have been, post it if you find it :)

  2. He is gorgeous. Totally at peace and looks like he knows how special he is.

    Beautiful photo.

  3. What a gorgeous photo and a great explanation, those little crossed arms grabbing the blanket are divine. Mich x

  4. Aw so tiny, so new, so precious xx

  5. Aw so tiny, so new, so precious xx