Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year Resolution #4 - The Big One

Well, here it is, the big one.  The all encompassing obsession that will persist until I succeed.  The goal that will in all likelihood cause massive stress and emotional upheaval, for who knows how long ?

4.  Have another baby

I have posted before about my pursuit of this aim here so won't duplicate other than to say that getting pregnant is not a straightforward process for us.  Here is a quick run down of what is involved...

  • Take drugs days 2 -6 of cycle
  • Go to clinic for internal scans every other day from day 9 of cycle until day before ovulation
  • Inject self with ovulation inducing hormone at 1am
  • Go to clinic on day of ovulation for DH to 'produce a sample', wait while it is 'prepared' and then endure the IUI procedure which feels like a smear test gone wrong. (If anyone is unsure what IUI is all about see here )
Whilst trying to conceive Star I also did extensive research into what else can be done to maximise the chances of not only getting pregnant but also to have a healthy, full term baby.  Before you read this list and decide that it is all unnecessary and over the top I should explain.  We have been very successful so far, getting pregnant twice in four attempts which is significantly better than general success rates which are usually quoted as somewhere between 10 and 20%.  When you consider that most IUI patients are younger than me that makes our success rate even more impressive.  So, you will understand why I am so committed to these extra measures...
  • Take supplements as 'prescribed' following hair analysis.  I will do another post on this at some time as it is a very big subject and so very important.
  • Eat organic food and avoid convenience foods and anything 'nutritionally void' as far as possible.
  • Use chemical free toiletries
  • Don't drink alcohol
  • Have a monthly reflexology treatment
  • Listen to the Innertalk fertilty CD.  This sounds of the sea but has subliminal messages about fertility.  I became pregnant both months that I listened to it.  
  • Drink, cook with and bathe in filtered water.  Don't worry we have a whole house filter on the mains!
  • Do daily positive visualisations.
I know to many of you these things will probably sound wacky in the extreme but I feel that I can't afford to leave a single stone unturned.  I don't know which of these is most important or significant (although I have my theories) so I don't pick and choose but do them all religiously.

So there we have it.  We have already started this particular journey as I am taking the drugs and will be going for my first scan on Mon 11th Jan.  I don't know yet how much I will be blogging about this, it may help manage the stress, but equally not posting about it may take my mind off of it, and whilst it is monumental to me I also know that it's just another blog post amongst thousands and don't want to push my readers away so we'll have to see how it goes.  In the meantime please think positive thoughts and keep everything crossed for us...for me, for The Daddy, and most of all for Star x



  1. Thats a fab new years resolution! I have a very similar one. Lovely to hear some alternative methods too, wishing you the best of luck!

  2. My SIL tried the new embryo screening service (sorry don't know the proper name) at a Nottingham clinic (sorry I can't be more specific), this was after 4 failed IVF attempts/miscarriages. She's now 22 weeks pregnant. Fingers crossed.
    Best of luck to you. x

  3. It doesn't matter if those things are 'wacky', if it'll give you the optimum chance of conceiving then go for it. Good luck!

  4. I really hope it goes to plan, and send you lots of positive energy :)

  5. If it works for you, then do it. You are one of the healthiest couples I know and what will be will be, but anything that gives a helping hand is great in my book. I would have moved heaven and earth not to be sick during my two pregancnies and tried everything, so I also understand the power of thinking it might be working.

    I wish you all the best and I will be doing visulisations for you too, meditations and affirmations really helped me with the cancer stuff

  6. Hey, me too! Good luck. Thanks for the advice too. I also do reflexology, but what time of the month is best (or is that a stupidly obvious question?!)


  7. Good luck. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    You have been tagged at mine :)

  8. As someone who "accidentally" became pregnant for the third time at 41, (after a procedure that should have prevented it), I just cannot imagine what it must be like to have to go through this. Good luck with it all. If it makes any difference, my neighbour is 49 and carrying a baby for her younger sister who couldn't get pregnant!

  9. Good luck with it. I've tagged you on a High Five over at mine. x

  10. I hope it works for you and I don't think your list sounds mad at all. For a start people don't prepare themselves enough and I know if I had had problems conceiving I would have done anything at all to increase my chances.
    Good luck with it.

  11. I hope it works for you and I don't think your list sounds mad at all. For a start people don't prepare themselves enough and I know if I had had problems conceiving I would have done anything at all to increase my chances.
    Good luck with it.