Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year Resolution #3

OK, well, I was planning to do our second duck feeding walk of the year this morning, but it as sooooo cold I thought that Star's cheeks would freeze, not to mention his hands that he continually pulls the mittens from.  So I decided to postpone.  No need to become obsessive, as is my natural inclination.  I have been once in the last four days, I have three days left in which to go again to meet my 'aspirational target' of two duck feedings per week (what has my life become ?!) and only then if it is the right thing to do for Star and me.

No progress yet on the sewing front but as soon as I have finished this post I will be braving the cold to retrieve the sewing machine from the shed.  Steps and all that.

And so to the next goal on my list...

3.  Start pencil drawing

Yes, it's another creative one.  I have always been creative, but have not always given myself the time or opportunity to express  it.  So, this goal is another attempt at reclaiming something of myself, the self that gets lost in motherhood.  

I haven't done any kind of painting/drawing since I was about 13.  I loved art at school but my parents decreed that I should not waste 'an option' on a non academic subject.  I was quite well blessed in the brains department and therefore they couldn't see any benefit in gaining O level art rather than, say, history or geography.  Before I gave it up, the only kind of painting I was any good at was abstract.  When I say good, I didn't get it but my teachers would all rave about it.  I still don't get abstract art and therefore have no wish to do it.  It seems pointless and totally boring to me.  However I was also good at pencil drawing.  Largely only from photos and pictures, but hey, it's a start !  And it is to this start that I plan to return.

Today, I took delivery of a 'Windsor & Newton Complete Sketching Art Set' and no, this is not a sponsored post, I paid for it all myself.  And here it is...

Before I start I am also awaiting delivery of a 'beginners guide to pencil drawing' style book.  This is something of a comfort blanket I think, but I would also like to understand the technicalities of drawing as I don't think I have ever actually been taught how to draw.  The book should arrive any day, and then...I will begin.

I don't have any particular projects in mind but would like to do some sketches of Star and the dogs if I feel I can do them justice.  I would also like to attempt the view from our garden room window.  But I have plenty of getting up to speed to do before then.

So there we are, goal number three posted for posterity.  I'm off to the shed...



  1. I can not draw, but we bought Robbie a very basic how to draw book and he loves it, I see my skills improving soon!

  2. I can not draw, but we bought Robbie a very basic how to draw book and he loves it, I see my skills improving soon!